Leo Figaro (MinstreliX、MARCHEN STATION)、綿貫正顕 (ZARD、愛内里菜)、内田伸吾 (六合、ex.ALL IMAGES BLAZING)によって結成されたメロディアス・ハード・ロック・バンド。

DREAMSTORIA is melodious hard rock band in Japan formed by Leo Figaro (MinstreliX、MARCHEN STATION), Masaaki Watanuki (ZARD、Rina Aiuchida) and Shingo Uchida (Rikugo、ex.ALL IMAGES BLAZING).
In 2012, a debut album featuring a dramatic and lyrical sound, whose masterpiece Dennis Ward was responsible for mixing and mastering, has received favorable reviews both at home and abroad.
Although it was silenced last in the live of 2013, in 2016, base restarted Toshiyuki Sugimori (MinstreliX, Rikugo) and restarted. In March 2017 we will release 2nd album for the first time in 4 years.